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Ludisia discolor "Alba"

This is the albino form of the specie. This is an extremely rare occurrence and is almost unheard of in any collection. The leaves are of a uniform light green without any reddish brown pigmentation. Though the veinations are not quite impressive, the contrasting metallic gold veins with the green background, is beautiful enough to over look its inferior veinations. After all it is an albino form, a virtue by its own rights. VERY RARE AND WICKEDLY DESIRABLE !!!!!

Ludisia discolor "Variegated Alba"

This is an extremely rare occurrence!! A rare variegated albino form of Ludisia discolor. It is almost unheard of in any collections. OVERWHELMINGLY RARE AND INSATIABLY DESIRABLE !!!!!


Macodes lowii "TE"

This is another rare jewel that is not commonly seen in cultivation. It is also a large leafed jewels with rosette leave span up to 8 “across and is quite impressive. It has reddish dark green leaves with intense silver spider web veinations. The veination patterns also look like hieroglyphic written on the leaves. HIDEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL AND INTENSELY DESIRABLE !!!!!


Macodes petola "TE"

This beautiful jewel is extremely rare in cultivation. Its beautiful foliage is bright lime green and is heavily veined which looks like metallic gold thread woven throughout the leaves. This jewel is highly prized by collectors. IRIDESCENTLY BEAUTIFUL AND SINFULLY DESIRABLE !!!!!

Macodes sanderiana "TE"

This is the most rare and highly desirable Macodes a collector can wish for. It is often been confused with Macodes lowii. Its beautiful unique foliage has spiderweb veinations all over the leaves. The leaf base color is bright green with veination color of metallic rainbow. It can be very hypnotic and it just captures your attention. It is also very highly prized by collectors. HYPNOTICALLY BEAUTIFUL AND UNBEARABLY DESIRABLE !!!!!


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