Here at Tropical Exotica, we specialized in rare and hard to find orchid species. We are particularly specialized in Terete Vanda (Papilionanthe) and Jewel Orchids. Occasionally, we have rare and significant orchid hybrids that are unique and exotic in their own rights. All of our orchids are from years of collecting and exchanges made all over the world. It started off as a private personal collection that turn into a little niche business, catering to the needs of breeder and collector that demanded high quality stud plant for hybridization or just pure obsession to own a piece of rare masterpiece created by nature. Some of the species are so fine in forms and color that they are perfection by itself. Furthermore if they are rare and have fine form and color, these combined attributes really put them in the cream of the crop category of collectors items.

We offer nothing but the best and the finest orchid species and hybrids that we are able to get hold of. We propagate our plants by selfing and sibling them either by using the same species from another source or exchange of pollen from collectors worldwide. Sometime when specie is so fine and perfect in everyway in terms of color or forms, we either clone or offer divisions of the mother plant. This is always welcome by serious collectors and breeders alike. We also offer different rare color forms of specie ranging from the albas to the blues.We always keep the uniqueness of different variety line breed inorder not to mix up the unique characteristic of each variety just in case the different variety warrant a separate specie status later. A classic case is the specie Phalaenopsis violacea (malayan variety);whereby now the Borneo variety is now separate specie called Phalaenopsis bellina.


Prior to the separation the variety Borneo is still categorized under the species violacea, therefore collectors and breeders interbreed the two varieties eventhough they knew that they are quite distinctly different, hoping to improved the specie. Consequently, the resulted mix from the two varieties created some of the improved Phalaenopsis violecea in trade. Now it is even hard to find a pure line of Malayan variety (violacea) and the Borneo variety (bellina) for the die-hard purist.

Improved violacea
( bellina)
We have our own in house laboratory that conduct germination of seeds and cloning of selected species or hybrids. Therefore we promote conservation of endangered species by offering artificially grown rare exotic species from seeds and cloning exceptional species or hybrids for the market demand. Therefore this reduces the need for wild collected orchid species as majority of the jungle species are inferior in term of form or color compare to a selected species that is readily available being offered by us and are perfection in itself. We always maintain high quality plants in flask that are big and vigorous.
Consequently the seedling are large enough to be directly planted in 2” pot after deflasked and this ensure high survival rate and by pass the compot stage. We also occasionally offer flask of species of rarity and beauty from seed or clones. The plant listing section comprises of a brief description and a thumbnail picture which when click a new window will appear and more detail close up and specific characteristic is emphasize to authenticate the true specie for the die hard purist and assure interested buyer of the product. There are two independent special section that is not in the general catalogue section.
These are our specialty section on Papilionanthe and Jewel Orchids, which we are well known for. We also welcome views and opinions from critic around the world regarding the featured species inorder to promote clarification and understanding of each unique orchid species and foster friendship in the orchid community. Beside orchid we also offer exotic ornamentals and orchid related product. Please take the time to go through each section of this website and lets promote the wonderful and amazing world of Orchids
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