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Goodeyera hispida "TE"

This is an extremely beautiful jewels among the genus Goodeyera. It has a bluish green base color with shiny iridescence silver veinations. When they are very well grown, the leaves develops a pink sheen on the leaves which really make them very attractive. This is a selected heavily veinated form and are not commonly seen in cultivation. CAPTIVATINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND IRRESISTIBLY DESIRABLE !!!!!

Ludisia discolor (Common)

This is the normal form of the specie that is commonly available in the market. It is the icon that every body called “jewel orchid” The leaves are reddish brown with 3 to 4 copper colored parallel veins along the leaves. Nothing is impressive about it except it does stand out when a group of them are planted together and are in flower. A BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC !!!!!


Ludisia discolor "Super Veination"

This is the best form of the specie so far we have seen. This is a special rare variety that is heavily veined. Each leaf has the entire lateral and crossed veins expressed. Very beautiful and extremely rare. Compare to the normal form, this variety is the Holy Grail of the Ludisia discolor and is highly sought after by collectors. VERY EXTREMLY RARE AND DISGUSTINGLY BEAUTIFUL !!!!!


Ludisia discolor "Red"

This variety is similar to the normal type, except that the lateral veins are bright red rather than the common copper color. It is an attractive and contrasting plant to have along side with the normal forms. ATTRACTIVELY BEAUTIFUL AND RARE !!!!!


Ludisia discolor "Nigrescens"

This variety is different by its jet-black leaves, compare to the usual reddish brown. It is also distinguished by a single silver white stripe running along the leaf, which bisects the length of each leaf. This is an extremely rare variety which many collectors are not aware of. VERY RARE AND UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL !!!!!


Ludisia discolor "Triplicata"

This variety is different from Nigrescens by its triple silver white lines parallel along the length of each leaf. This is another rare variety and not much is known about it. HORRIBLY BEAUTIFUL AND INCURABLY DESIRABLE !!!!!


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